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CVCI testing center is an important branch of our Technical Center. It is where VCI products inspection and test are conducted. The testing center is built on a 4000-square-meter site, and is outfitted with an impressive range of top-notch labs and testing equipment as listed below.
1. Polymer Synthesis Lab
2. Precision Instruments Lab
3. Physics Lab
4. International Standards Testing Lab
5. Accelerated Corrosion Testing Lab
6. Temperature Testing lab
7. Large-Scale Rain Testing Lab
8. Pilot Experiment Lab
9. UV Spectrophotometer imported from US
10. Atmospheric Corrosion Testing Equipment imported from US
11. Constant Temperature Testing Chamber imported from German
12. Extreme Temperatures Testing Chamber imported from German
13. Barrier Materials Testing Equipment
14. Paper and film physical property testing equipment
15. Accelerated corrosion testing equipment

With advanced testing equipment and labs, CVCI has what it takes to ensure each and every VCI packaging product is strictly built to various Chinese and international standards, including MIL-PRF-3420H, MIL-PRF-22019G, JIS Z 1535, TL 8135-0002, GB/T 19532-2004, and QB/T 1319-91. Listed below are some key check points.

1. Test the coorrosion protection performance of VCI packaging and VCI liquids
2. Test the physical properties of VCI packaging materials (VCI paper, VCI film, and VCI laminates)
3. Matching test of chemicals used for metal surface treatment
4. Analyze the applicability of rust preventative materials
5. Verify the lab test result of metal rust preventative packaging solution
6. Analyze the cause of metal corrosion
7. Rust protection technical data analysis
At the moment, CVCI is renovating its testing center according to CNAS standards. Once the modification was completed, the center would meet ISO 17025 requirements and its testing data would be accepted by related international organizations.