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Now in its third decade of operation, CVCI continues its efforts to deliver integrated service to rust prevention packaging customers all over the world. The company established itself as a dedicated VCI packaging manufacturer in China in 1989. It is quite satisfactory to see the progress we have made in our corrosion management service along the way. Today CVCI has 5 subsidiaries and 4 branch offices in China. Utilizing advanced ERP software, call center and other information management system and training programs, the company is fully capable of taking all the worries out of your rust prevention applications.

Service mentality - We will be there wherever and whenever you need us.
Our high energy levels, coupled with “I will be there” mentality, are what help us win numerous VCI packaging customers. Keeping this spirit in mind, service crew at CVCI is always ready to solve the problems facing customers at the time when they need the help most. Customers can rest assured knowing that our service men would take care of their rust prevention projects large or small. We at CVCI place customer requirements at the core of each decision we make in research and development, manufacture and sales of VCI packaging materials.

Service tenet - Create value for customers
Bring profits to customers - that is the purpose of our existence! When you order from CVCI, whether it is VCI paper, VCI film, or VCI liquid, you get more than just a packaging material, but a profitable rust prevention solution that protects your metal parts against potential corrosive attacks that might degrade your products. Upon request our service staff would be more than happy to instruct you on how to use the VCI products for your rust prevention challenges.

Service mantra - We keep customers untroubled by metal corrosion problems anytime, anywhere.
What impresses corrosion packaging buyers most is that CVCI corrosion management service seems to be ubiquitous, available at the time that they need it most.

Service objective - Provide tailor-made, customer-centered, and value-added service everywhere.
Centering around customer needs, CVCI strives to offer integrated corrosion management solutions, VCI product user training programs, technical consultancy, and on-site instructions.

Service requirements - Keep our service simple, inclusive, timely and readily available
Service staff at CVCI are required to take the initiative to contact customers, understand their corrosion protection challenges, and come to customer site if necessary in the fastest possible manner. Through timely, inclusive and fast service, we can help customers gain more uptime and more profit in their pocket.

Technical Service prior to Purchase
Analyze the cause of corrosion on your metal products
Keep customers up to date with the latest rust prevention technology and trend
Rust prevention materials and applications
Lab test of rust protection process (solution)
Inspection of rust proofing materials
Matching test on associated rust-preventative product

Commitment to Technical Service after Purchase
We volunteer to provide technical services to our valued clients, 2-6 times a year. We respond to customers’ request for technical assistance within 24 hours.