Shenyang Rustproof Packaging Material Co., Ltd.
51-1 Yalujiang St., Huanggu District, Shenyang, China

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  • Technical Service

  • Now in its third decade of operation, CVCI continues its efforts to deliver integrated service to rust prevention packaging customers all over the world. The company established itself as a dedicated VCI packaging manufacturer in China in 1989. It is quite satisfactory to see the progress we have made in our corrosion management service along the way. Today CVCI has 5 subsidiaries and 4 branch offices in China. Utilizing advanced ERP software, call center and other information management system and training programs, the company is fully capable of taking all the worries out of your rust prevention applications.

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  • On-Site Support

  • 1. On-site investigation of the cause of product corrosion (process, material, environments, and equipment)
    2. In-field demonstration of how to improve rust preventative packaging process
    3. On-site instruction and training on how to use rust preventative packaging
    4. Conformance testing of rust preventative packaging process
    5. Cost accounting of rust preventative packaging process
    6. Assist in writing documents of rust prevention process and site management

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  • Customer Training

  • 1. Technical know-how
    2. Design principles of rust preventative packaging process
    3. Tips on how to select good VCI packaging material
    4. Common problems that might occur during use of VCI products
    5. How to select good VCI liquids
    6. Rust prevention oil user guide and common problems
    7. Tips on how to use water-based VCI liquid

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