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  • R&D System

  • CVCI Technical Center consists of Rust Prevention Packaging Management Department, Rust Proofing Materials Management Department, and Science and Technology Department. This impressive edifice is where numerous researches on VCI technology are done and countless new VCI packaging products are developed.

    The two management departments are mainly responsible for presenting market researches (with which we can decide the likelihood of our new VCI products to sell), assessing technical feasibility, implementing new products development, and market testing the new products as well as filing patent applications. With the aid of our Manufacturing Department, researchers and developers at the Technical center go on to conduct product prototyping, pilot experiment, and trial production of new products. All these steps are necessary to ensure the stability and feasibility of the follow-on commercial production.

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  • R&D Capability

  • As a leading VCI packaging manufacturer in China, CVCI hires a great team of experts and technicians led by a group of senior engineers each of whom also holds the title of professor. These talents come from different industrial backgrounds, including papermaking, chemical engineering, packaging, corrosion and corrosion protection, and light industries. In the meantime, we recruit technical experts from the USA and Japan and get them to work with Chinese colleagues on important VCI technology research and development programs.

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  • R&D Results

  • Fabric Reinforced VCI Paper: A National Key New Product that earns us the Scientific and Technological Progress Award issued by Liaoning Provincial Government

    VCI Paper for Silicon Steel Sheets: A National Key New Product that fills void in Chinese Market

    VCI Paper for Tin-Plated Steel Sheets: A National Key New Product that earns us the Liaoning Scientific and Technological Progress Award and Liaoning Outstanding New Product in Light Industry Award

    VCI Paper for Galvanized Steel Sheets: Fills void in Chinese Market

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  • Testing Center

  • CVCI testing center is an important branch of our Technical Center. It is where VCI products inspection and test are conducted. The testing center is built on a 4000-square-meter site, and is outfitted with an impressive range of top-notch labs and testing equipment as listed below.
    1. Polymer Synthesis Lab
    2. Precision Instruments Lab
    3. Physics Lab
    4. International Standards Testing Lab
    5. Accelerated Corrosion Testing Lab
    6. Temperature Testing lab
    7. Large-Scale Rain Testing Lab
    8. Pilot Experiment Lab
    9. UV Spectrophotometer imported from US
    10. Atmospheric Corrosion Testing Equipment imported from US
    11. Constant Temperature Testing Chamber imported from German
    12. Extreme Temperatures Testing Chamber imported from German
    13. Barrier Materials Testing Equipment
    14. Paper and film physical property testing equipment
    15. Accelerated corrosion testing equipment

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