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CVCI Technical Center consists of Rust Prevention Packaging Management Department, Rust Proofing Materials Management Department, and Science and Technology Department. This impressive edifice is where numerous researches on VCI technology are done and countless new VCI packaging products are developed.

The two management departments are mainly responsible for presenting market researches (with which we can decide the likelihood of our new VCI products to sell), assessing technical feasibility, implementing new products development, and market testing the new products as well as filing patent applications. With the aid of our Manufacturing Department, researchers and developers at the Technical center go on to conduct product prototyping, pilot experiment, and trial production of new products. All these steps are necessary to ensure the stability and feasibility of the follow-on commercial production.

Our Technical Department functions to organize experts inside and outside the company to evaluate each and every research and development program. If the program was good enough, the department would report it to the upper management. Related researchers and developers would be rewarded. Other than program evaluation, our Technical Department is also required to protect and manage our intellectual property.

Additionally, each research and program needs to be demonstrated by our Quality Management Department to guarantee the quality and reliability of our R&D results.

To conclude, R&D system at CVCI places our technical center at its core while having other related departments either assist our researchers and developers or keep their R&D work in check. In this way, the effectiveness, precision and accuracy, and feasibility of our R&D program can be assured.