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As a leading VCI packaging manufacturer in China, CVCI hires a great team of experts and technicians led by a group of senior engineers each of whom also holds the title of professor. These talents come from different industrial backgrounds, including papermaking, chemical engineering, packaging, corrosion and corrosion protection, and light industries. In the meantime, we recruit technical experts from the USA and Japan and get them to work with Chinese colleagues on important VCI technology research and development programs.

CVCI Technical Center also joins forces with Chinese Academy of Science as well as Northeaster University who assign technical task force agents to our scientific and technological work. The company provides post-doctoral positions for doctors to jointly develop new VCI packaging products. Nearly three decades of hands-on experience in new products research and development allow us to take care of customer-specific rust prevention requirements. Below is a list of our rust preventative products.
1. VCI packaging (VCI paper, VCI film, VCI powders, VCI cushion material)
2. VCI liquids (of various types)
3. Antirust detergent
4. Protective packaging materials (laminated packaging material, vacuum packaging film, high-barrier packaging, shrink wrap, anti-static film, shielding film)
5. Metal surface treatment liquids (phosphating solution, passivating solution, coating for silicon steel, cold rolling oil, de-ruster)
6. Other rust protection materials