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Corrosion Prevention Products for Export Shipments

For exporters of bulky equipment, metal pieces, heavy-duty pallets, or irregular shapes, CVCI offers you a diverse lineup of rust preventative packaging materials. At CVCI, we understand how daunting your task to rust proof and pack your shipments can be. We are equally aware of the corrosive risks involved during sea shipping and the importance of rust prevention and marine environment protection. That is why we should utilize the latest in rust protection technology and undertake to produce a metal rust preventative packaging material that meets related international requirements for environmental protection.

We are so proud that all our corrosion protection packaging used for export shipments have passed the SGS inspection and are RoHS compliant. What we provide to exporters is a complete, customized corrosion management solution that has been proven in terms of design, performance, and compatibility with materials to be packed. At CVCI there is an ongoing effort to improve our service, process, and product quality. That is why the company is so much sought after by customers around the world. Our VCI packaging serves as a guarantee that Chinese electromechanical equipment and auto parts can arrive at foreign customers in one piece and rust-free.