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Applications of Rust Prevention Products

  • Metallurgy

  • CVCI is an experienced rust prevention products and VCI packaging products manufacturer based in China. We have been working with a number of well-known Chinese metallurgical enterprises including Baosteel, Tisco, and Anshan Iron and Steel. And it has been a very rewarding relationship. CVCI undertakes to develop a series of rust prevention packaging products for cold-rolled plates. In particular, our corrosion protection packaging for auto body sheet metal and electrical steel is highly praised by our customer companies. We are awarded Grad A Eligible Supplier of Baosteel for several years in a roll. With Baosteel, we have forged a fruitful strategic partnership.

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  • Equipment Manufacture

  • Most equipment manufacturers can benefit from the use of rust prevention products, since they provide cleaning, protection and even lubrication for critical metal parts that are prone to rust or easy to attract dirt or moisture. CVCI is a professional VCI packaging material producer. We at CVCI understand that each machinery maker may have his or her own requirements for rust prevention products. Just as importantly, there are wide-ranging needs across the equipment manufacturing industry. Providing the right rust protection product for each and every customer typically requires great expertise. That is why at CVCI, we design each corrosion management solution according to the material, process and storage applications. Whether it is a small motor or a complete set of construction equipment that you want to pack, our company is sure to deliver the right corrosion preventative packaging for you.

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  • Autos and Auto Parts

  • Both automotive and auto parts industries involve the use of many rust-prone metals. The increasing need to protect their cars and metal parts from corrosion during sea shipping or long-distance transportation calls for custom rust prevention solutions. CVCI is a dedicated corrosion management solution provider. CVCI rust protection packaging suits customer needs for a clean, eco-friendly rust proofing material. Our VCI papers, VCI films, VCI powders, and VCI liquids meet related European and USA standards for safe use. Thus far we have delivered reliable corrosion protection solutions and rust proofing materials to various manufacturers of cylinder sleeves, piston rings, engines, cylinders, crankshafts, superchargers and other auto parts.

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  • Electronic and Electrical Equipment

  • Typical Application: Electrical enclosure for export
    Construction: Multiple metals
    Technical Requirements: Given the corrosive risks involved in sea shipping, exports (referred to electrical enclosure) should be protected properly with oil-free rust prevention materials before being put in a wooden crate. Rust protection should last at least 1 year.
    Solution: Pack the electrical enclosure from outside with VCI film and reinforced aluminum-poly film. VCI paper or powders, as well as desiccants, should be added inside the enclosure.

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  • Export Shipments

  • For exporters of bulky equipment, metal pieces, heavy-duty pallets, or irregular shapes, CVCI offers you a diverse lineup of rust preventative packaging materials. At CVCI, we understand how daunting your task to rust proof and pack your shipments can be. We are equally aware of the corrosive risks involved during sea shipping and the importance of rust prevention and marine environment protection. That is why we should utilize the latest in rust protection technology and undertake to produce a metal rust preventative packaging material that meets related international requirements for environmental protection.

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