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Rust Prevention Products for Autos, Auto Parts

Both automotive and auto parts industries involve the use of many rust-prone metals. The increasing need to protect their cars and metal parts from corrosion during sea shipping or long-distance transportation calls for custom rust prevention solutions. CVCI is a dedicated corrosion management solution provider. CVCI rust protection packaging suits customer needs for a clean, eco-friendly rust proofing material. Our VCI papers, VCI films, VCI powders, and VCI liquids meet related European and USA standards for safe use. Thus far we have delivered reliable corrosion protection solutions and rust proofing materials to various manufacturers of cylinder sleeves, piston rings, engines, cylinders, crankshafts, superchargers and other auto parts.

Automotive Industry

1. Automobile Manufacture

Typical Application: Automotive stampings export in the form of CKD kits
Construction: Steel plate, galvanized plate
Technical Requirements: Export shipments should be packed in wooden crates and protected effectively against rust for 1 year. Solution: Spray VCI liquids inside those stampings before wrapping them together with VCI film. Use also proper amounts of desiccant.

2. Automotive Parts Manufacture

Typical Application 1: In-process rust prevention for cylinders of Diesel Engines
Construction: Cast iron
Technical Requirements: Those cylinders should be stocked on production sites, ready for immediate use in the car assembly process. Oil-free rust prevention is required for at least 6 months.
Solution: Use VCI film to keep cylinders tightly sealed. VCI paper, coupled with desiccants, should be applied to the internal cylinder.

Typical Application 2: Cylinder sleeves export

Construction: cast iron
Technical Requirements: Given the corrosive environments involved in sea shipping, those cylinder sleeves should be well protected against corrosion with oil-free rust prevention packaging for at least 1 year. Wooden crates should also be used.
Solution: Use VCI film to wrap tightly around cylinder sleeves. Inside the parts, VCI paper should be added. Apply water-based VCI liquids to ensure maximum corrosion protection.

  • VCI packaging for automotive
  • Rust preventative oil for engines (forming a hard
    film on the engine surfaces)
  • VCI packaging for engine products
  • In-process rust prevention for cylinder caps
    being manufactured
  • VCI paper, VCI film for in-process rust
    protection of cylinders
  • In-process VCI rust protection for automotive
  • VCI packaging for supercharger