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We at CVCI stop rust. Should you need a corrosion management solution, CVCI is here to help. CVCI is a dedicated Chinese VCI packaging material manufacturer and supplier. Take a look through our extensive lineup of rust prevention products, and you would be instantly amazed by the variety of corrosion protection packaging that we can provide. Everything related to volatile corrosion inhibitor, you can find it here, including the likes of VCI paper, VCI film, VCI liquids, VCI powders, and laminated VCI packaging materials.

From day one, 1989, our company has been all about combating corrosion on metals by pushing the envelope on VCI technology. We are a well respected high-tech enterprise in China, and are relentless in our efforts to create values to customers who rely on metal products for business. It is our mission to provide effective rust prevention products so as to protect your metal pieces, bulky equipment, export shipments, heavy-duty pallets against corrosive attacks.

Just as importantly, we have been going green for these decades by using only eco-friendly packaging materials and environmentally safe corrosion protection solutions. We take great pride in being able to say none of our VCI packaging materials causes any environmental or health problems. In the past, the use of VCI technology was confined solely to the military world in China. Our company is the earliest to extend the applications of VCI beyond the military realm into present wide-ranging industries, including metallurgy, equipment manufacture, automobile and automotive parts, electronic and electrical equipment, construction machinery, and aerospace.

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Over the years, growth at CVCI has been significant. We have 6 manufacturing and sales facilities in Shenyang, Shanghai,Guangzhou, Chengdu, and Ningbo. We also set branch offices in Beijing, Chongqing, and Taiyuan. With an ability to produce nearly 40,000 tons of rust proofing materials, we have what it takes to stand at the forefront of Chinese VCI packaging material industry. We are identified by China Packaging Federation as the Leading Chinese Packaging Enterprise and Top 100 Chinese Packaging Enterprise.

It is gratifying to see the progress we have made along the way. CVCI is the only one of its kind to possess the Provincial-Level Enterprise Technology Center and Engineering Research Center. We help draft 9 national standards and 2 national military specifications for rust prevention packaging. The company also obtains 54 national patents, and many of our new products are included in China Spark Program and National Torch Plan of China. 6 of CVCI corrosion prevention packaging products are identified as the National Key New Products, and more than 40 honors have been awarded by provincial and ministerial-level or even higher-ranking authorities.

CVCI rust prevention products and services cover the entire nation, which have attracted many big-name companies across China including Baosteel, TISCO, SMTCL, Dongfeng Motor, FAW Group, Chery, ZYNP, Zoomlion, HUAWEI, and FOXCONN. Exceptional VCI packaging products and integrated corrosion prevention solutions also help us gain hard-earned, fruitful partnerships with VW, BMW, BOSCH, VOLVO, DEYTZ, and PARKINS. While staying focused on product quality, CVCI also keeps in check the environmental performance of each VCI product. We are so proud that all SF series packaging products have passed SGS tests, and are compliant with RoHS and 94/62/EC Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive. At the moment, we are supplying more than 20 countries and regions all over the world. It is worth noting that CVCI has joined forces with several world-renowned metal companies such as Arcelor, Wieland Metal, and Bamesa.

Products, solutions and services - that is what makes us stand out from the competition!

To become a world-leading manufacturer in metal corrosion protection industry - that is what we aim to do.

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