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    1. VCI Paper (Anti Rust Paper with Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor)VCI paper provides an easy, affordable way of rust prevention on metals in process, shipping or storage. VCI is short for volatile corrosion inhibitor, which can be spread over the PH neutral Kraft paper to make VCI packaging. The anti rust paper shown on this page is coated with volatile corrosion inhibitor.
    1. VCI Film (Anti Corrosion Film with Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor)VCI film is a kind of anti corrosion film which works with the help of Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors. The VCI packaging film is available in a variety of styles, including the likes of VCI stretch film, VCI shrink film, VCI anti-static film, reinforced VCI plastic film, and reinforced aluminum-poly film.
    1. VCI Foam and Cardboard (Corrosion Protective Cushioning Materials)Often serving as corrosion protective cushioning materials, our VCI foam and VCI cardboard products offer corrosion protection to a wide range of equipment and parts, such as pipes, electrical, electronic, and electro-mechanical control panels.
    1. Rust Preventive Oil Rust preventive oil, also called rust prevention oil or anti rust oil, provides a great way for cleaning, lubrication and corrosion protection. The corrosion protection oil displaces moisture, prevents rust, and gives your metal a non-stick barrier.
    1. Antirust DetergentAs a kind of water based rust inhibition detergent, the antirust detergent contains powerful surfactants and rust prevention agents. Appearing as a yellow, clear and evenly mixed liquid, our antirust detergent is a stable, low foaming solution that contains no harmful nitrites.
    1. VCI Powder (Anti Rust Powder Packet)Usually packed in a pouch or packet, VCI powder products offer long-lasting rust protection to metals of various kinds. The anti rust powder packet is convenient to use and easy to replace.
      Available in the form of VCI emitter, our VCI powder is suitable for use
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    1. VCI Powder (Water Based Anti Corrosion Powder) The VCI powder is a water based anti-rust powder that comes in spray form. VCI spray offers corrosion protection for carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and aluminum alloy.
    1. VCI Powder ( Disk Type Anti Rust Emitter ) SF/H-160 VCI emitter is called so because it emits VCI powder into the surrounding air within an enclosed space. There are air channels on both sides or the front of VCI emitter disk to allow evaporation of VCI.
    1. Laminated PaperboardCVCI is a dedicated laminated paperboard manufacturer in China. We produce a selection of paperboards laminated with VCI paper. These laminated paperboards are perfect VCI packaging materials for various purposes.
    1. Laminated Packaging Paper (Waterproof Paper) CVCI laminated packaging paper is a composite of pH neutral VCI paper laminated with a woven fabric and two separate PE films. The waterproof paper serves as a tough physical barrier against moisture, water, grease, dust, and other sources of contamination.
    1. Laminated Packaging Paper (Plain Paper with Woven Fabric Layer)It is not uncommon for steel sheets to inflict rust or mechanical damages during storage or shipping. That is why these laminated packaging paper products are all the rage in these days, which are typically used as corrosion protection packaging for steel products.
    1. Laminated Packaging Paper (Crepe Paper for Packaging Steel Coil)The laminated packaging paper is a kind of crepe paper for steel coil packaging. It provides a short-term rust protection solution for cold rolled strips.
  • Vacuum Packaging FilmVacuum packaging film uses modified PVA as base material, which is then coated with one of many materials including VMPET, LDPE, and woven fabrics to obtain certain physical or chemical properties to suit the film for diverse uses.