Protective Packaging Materials

    1. Laminated PaperboardCVCI is a dedicated laminated paperboard manufacturer in China. We produce a selection of paperboards laminated with VCI paper. These laminated paperboards are perfect VCI packaging materials for various purposes.
    1. Laminated Packaging Paper (Waterproof Paper) CVCI laminated packaging paper is a composite of pH neutral VCI paper laminated with a woven fabric and two separate PE films. The waterproof paper serves as a tough physical barrier against moisture, water, grease, dust, and other sources of contamination.
    1. Laminated Packaging Paper (Plain Paper with Woven Fabric Layer)It is not uncommon for steel sheets to inflict rust or mechanical damages during storage or shipping. That is why these laminated packaging paper products are all the rage in these days, which are typically used as corrosion protection packaging for steel products.

Included in this range of protective packaging materials include the laminated paperboard, waterproof laminated packaging paper, fabric reinforced laminated packaging paper, and more.