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Laminated Packaging Paper (Crepe Paper for Packaging Steel Coil)

Model Selection for the Laminated Packaging Paper

Width: 50~1550mm

The laminated packaging paper is a kind of crepe paper for steel coil packaging. It provides a short-term rust protection solution for cold rolled strips.

Description of the Laminated Packaging Paper
To make it easier to transport steel sheets, steel manufacturers often slit those sheets into strips of different widths. During storage and transit, it is not uncommon for these cold rolled strips to grow rust or be physically damaged. That is why our PE strip reinforced crepe paper should be much sought after among steel plant owners and steel product distributors.

CVCI is a dedicated Chinese protective packaging material manufacturer. Using premium quality pH neutral Kraft paper as base material, CVCI laminated packaging paper offers a tough physical barrier against moisture, corrosive gas, and other sources of contamination that might lead to corrosion. The paper can stretch beyond its normal length, which makes it ideal to wrap around narrow steel strips.

Features of the Laminated Packaging Paper
Combine corrosion protection and packaging into one step
An ideal moisture barrier with high strength
Sleek, soft paper is unlikely to scratch.
Economical, convenient to use

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