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Laminated Packaging Paper (Plain Paper with Woven Fabric Layer)

Model Selection for the Laminated Packaging Paper

Standard width:1800mm,2000mm, 2400mm, 2800mm
Specific weight: 200kg/roll

The laminated packaging paper is a commonly used protective packaging material for rust protection of steel coils or sheets.

Product Description
It is not uncommon for steel sheets to inflict rust or mechanical damages during storage or shipping. That is why these laminated packaging paper products are all the rage in these days, which are typically used as corrosion protection packaging for steel products. Using pH neutral Kraft paper as base material, this rust preventative paper laminate offers a tough physical barrier against corrosion on steel plates in storage or transit.

Features of the Laminated Packaging Paper
Combines corrosion prevention and packaging into one step.
An ideal barrier against moisture
Exceptional physical strength
Sleek, soft paper resistant to scratches
Economical, convenient to use

Method of Supply
The pH neutral Kraft paper laminated with plain weave fabrics is typically sold on rolls.


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