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Laminated Packaging Paper (Waterproof Paper)

Model Selection for the Laminated Packaging Paper

Width:1800mm, 2000mm, 2400mm, 2800mm
Specific Weight: 200Kg/roll

Laminated Packaging Paper for Steel Coils, Mechanical Equipment
The laminated packaging material is a kind of waterproof paper often used for protective packaging of steel coils and mechanical equipment.

Product Description
CVCI laminated packaging paper is a composite of pH neutral VCI paper laminated with a woven fabric and two separate PE films. The waterproof paper serves as a tough physical barrier against moisture, water, grease, dust, and other sources of contamination.

Scope of Application
The laminated packaging paper is widely used to wrap around steel coils and mechanical equipment.


CVCI is an experienced VCI products manufacturer in China.

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