Corrosion Prevention (VCI Anti Corrosion Powder)

    1. VCI Powder (Anti Rust Powder Packet)Usually packed in a pouch or packet, VCI powder products offer long-lasting rust protection to metals of various kinds. The anti rust powder packet is convenient to use and easy to replace.
      Available in the form of VCI emitter, our VCI powder is suitable for use
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    1. VCI Powder (Water Based Anti Corrosion Powder) The VCI powder is a water based anti-rust powder that comes in spray form. VCI spray offers corrosion protection for carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and aluminum alloy.
    1. VCI Powder ( Disk Type Anti Rust Emitter ) SF/H-160 VCI emitter is called so because it emits VCI powder into the surrounding air within an enclosed space. There are air channels on both sides or the front of VCI emitter disk to allow evaporation of VCI.

VCI anti corrosion powder is another important variant of CVCI volatile corrosion inhibitor products mainly used for corrosion prevention for pipes and motor driver carriers. This VCI powder contains special VCI formulations, and is made according to JIS Z 1519 Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor Standards. Apply VCI anti corrosion powder to ferrous metals, aluminum, and copper, which would offer maximum corrosion protection that lasts a decade.

CVCI is a specialist manufacturer of corrosion prevention products. Our anti corrosion powder is now considered an ideal alternative to dirty grease or oil that easily mucks up your hands or clothes.