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VCI Powder ( Disk Type Anti Rust Emitter )

Model Selection for the VCI Powder
SF/H-160 for ferrous metals, SF/D-360 for multi-metals

20 VCI emitter disks per carton

Anti Rust Emitter for Ferrous Metals, Aluminum
VCI powder is a commonly used corrosion protection method for carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, copper, copper alloy, aluminum, and aluminum alloy

VCI Powder Products
SF/H-160 VCI emitter is called so because it emits VCI powder into the surrounding air within an enclosed space. There are air channels on both sides or the front of VCI emitter disk to allow evaporation of VCI. The disc type anti rust emitter comes with self-stick backs which can attach to literally any surfaces where corrosion protection is needed.

Method of Use
VCI emitter disk is typically used to provide corrosion protection in control boxes, switchgear enclosures, and other enclosed spaces. Peel off the adhesive strip at the back of the disc, and slap the disc on exposed metals within the enclosure. Each VCI emitter protects up to 50L of enclosed space. The VCI powder emitted reaches as far as 30cm.

Place the VCI powder product in a cool, drifty room, and tightly sealed in its original package. Shelf life for each VCI emitter is 1 year, starting from the date of manufacture.

CVCI is a dedicated Chinese VCI powder manufacturer. Each VCI emitter disk can be custom designed to your specific requirements.

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