Corrosion Prevention (Anti Corrosion Liquid)

    1. Rust Preventive Oil Rust preventive oil, also called rust prevention oil or anti rust oil, provides a great way for cleaning, lubrication and corrosion protection. The corrosion protection oil displaces moisture, prevents rust, and gives your metal a non-stick barrier.
    1. Antirust DetergentAs a kind of water based rust inhibition detergent, the antirust detergent contains powerful surfactants and rust prevention agents. Appearing as a yellow, clear and evenly mixed liquid, our antirust detergent is a stable, low foaming solution that contains no harmful nitrites.

CVCI offers a diverse lineup of anti corrosion liquid for corrosion prevention purposes on exposed metals and unpainted metal parts at all stages of their lifecycle, during manufacture, storage, or transportation.

1. Multifunctional Rust-Preventative Oil for Electrostatic Spray Painting
Made of mineral oil mixed with rust preventatives, film-forming agents, and surfactants, multifunctional rust-preventative oil is one of our proprietary products which is completely miscible with lubricating oil. This selection of anti corrosion liquid is specially designed for use in electrostatic spray painting where atomized oil is sprayed onto the metal surface and dries to a layer of removable corrosion inhibition film on it. Rust prevention oil provides a fast drying, clear coating and non-flammable protective barrier to cold rolled steel sheets or coils, alloy steel sheets or coils, and galvanized steel sheets or coils.

2. Lubricant Type Thixotropy Anti-Rust Oil
Lubricant type rust preventative oil is essentially a lubricating oil mixed with multiple anti-rust agents, solutizers, and antioxidants. Once dried out, the anti corrosion liquid would leave behind a lubricant and corrosion preventative film on the metal surface. Developed by our own corrosion inhibition technical team, the anti corrosion liquid provides exceptional corrosion prevention performance and is safe, easy to use. Model P-7 and NP-7 are separately US and Japanese equivalents of CVCI thixotropy anti-rust oil.

A unique selling point of CVCI anti corrosion liquid is its thixographic property, which is hardly seen in any of Chinese contemporaries. Designed specially to be applied to vertical surfaces, lubricant type thixotropy anti-rust oil is capable of forming a stable oil film layer on the surfaces without flowing away in a wasteful manner. The residual film, after evaporation of solvent, is highly resistant to salt water, which makes the oil useful in marine and off-shore rust-proofing applications. Other uses of the anti corrosion liquid are providing rust prevention coatings to machine tools, and other large, expensive electro-mechanical equipment.

3. Solvent Cutback, Firm Film Rust Preventative Oil
Solvent cutback rust preventative oil is the result of our efforts at CVCI to keep up with the modern trends towards thin or even ultra-thin rust preventative film in developed countries. Undoubtedly, this anti corrosion liquid is mainly geared towards high-end customers. Made with specialty resins and polymers, the rust prevention oil also contains several types of corrosion inhibition formulations to offer maximum rust protection to multiple metals. The dry film is firm, and its thickness generally ranges from 20µm to 25µm, which is one of your best bets for protecting metal products stored outdoors.

4. Solvent Cutback, Soft Film Corrosion Preventative Oil
After our initial success with solvent cutback, firm film anti-rust oil, we subsequently roll out this soft film corrosion preventative oil to meet special customer requirements. The dry film is soft to touch, making it an ideal anti corrosion liquid for protecting various types of metals.

5. Water-Displacing Rust Preventative Oil
Water-displacing rust preventative oil is made up of petroleum, rust preventative, dehydrating agent, and film forming agent. Exceptional water-displacement performance allows the anti corrosion liquid to displace water and saline solution to ensure corrosion prevention for cast iron, steel, copper, copper alloy and other metals during preservation and between processes.

6. Water-Based VCI Liquid
Water-based VCI liquid uses water as solvent mixed with a variety of contact-type corrosion inhibitors, vapor-phase corrosion inhibitors, and liquid impregnating agents. SF/H-177N is a brownish anti corrosion liquid that turns clear once it dries on the metal substrates, making it a perfect replacement for oil- or grease-based rust preventatives.

Water-based VCI liquid is typically used for corrosion prevention applications that do not allow the use of any grease or oil. The anti corrosion liquid is usually sold in the form of concentrated solution so that end-users can dilute it with water to make desired formulations. Vapor-phase VCI also can be fogged into hard-to-reach areas of intricately machined metal parts. We suggest you use this VCI liquid with our VCI paper to provide corrosion protection for up to 2 years.