Antirust Detergent

Product Description
As a kind of water based rust inhibition detergent, the antirust detergent contains powerful surfactants and rust prevention agents. Appearing as a yellow, clear and evenly mixed liquid, our antirust detergent is a stable, low foaming solution that contains no harmful nitrites. The cleansing capability of our rust inhibition detergent is due to the use of surfactants or surface active agents which lower the interfacial tension between water or grease and the metal surface it clings to. Simply put, the antirust detergent removes water, grime, grease, soil, or dirt by separating it from any surface it stays on. In addition to cleansing, the surface active agents have other functions such as wetting, dispersing, emulsifying, and solubilising. In fact, the grime-removal process of surfactant is not that straightforward, and needs the help of external mechanical force. Other than cleansing, our low-foaming antirust detergent contains powerful rust proofing agents that form a dense, firm film on the metal surface for rust protection.

Properties of Antirust Detergent
Appearance: a brownish, uniformly transparent liquid

Technical Performances
Standards Items Performance Index Actual Measured Value
JB/T 4323 Water-Based Detergent for Metals Appearance Uniformly transparent, un-stratified, non-sedimentary Approved
pH value (15~35°C ) 7.0~11.0 8~9
Detergency Test: Submerge 45# steel (at 65±2°C) into the anti-foaming detergent and leave it undisturbed for 3 minutes. Take it out and manually wash the steel for another 3 minutes. Weigh the grease removed. Rust prevention: ≥90% Approved
Rust Prevention 35°C, 95%RH HT200 cast iron Single piece (of cast iron) Rust-free for 24h Rust proofing
Stacked pieces (of cast iron) No rusty imprints or slight rusty marks between layers for 4h Approved
Anti-foaming ability: measured in the height of remaining foam after 10min (at 30°C, mm) ≤5 Approved
Stability at Temperature Extremes Uniformly transparent, un-stratified, no precipitate or flocculation Approved

Recommended Use
In-process rust prevention, or rust protection before preservation for ferrous metals.

Method of Use
1. Suitable for use at temperatures between 45°C and 75°C. Apply the low-foam antirust detergent by spray, brush or dip.
2. Please note that the low-foam antirust detergent is sold in its concentrated form. Be sure to add 3% to 5% of water to dilute the detergent concentrate according to actual cleansing applications
3. Deionized water should be used if precision parts need to be washed. Care should be taken to check the pH value, hardness, and content of chloride and sulphate if industrial water is used which might affect the stability and detergency of the antirust detergent.
4. Keep in check the pH value, appearance, and degree of pollution of water-soluble detergent to ensure the cleansing results. Remember your rust prevention washing solution should be restocked with detergents or replaced every so often.

Packaging, Storage
Packaging: 25kg/pail, 50kg/pail, 180kg/pail. Custom packaging is available.
Storage: Keep your antirust detergent cool in a drifty place, away from frost, and stored safely as chemicals.
Shelf Life: 6 months

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