VCI Paper (Anti Rust Paper with Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor)

    1. VCI Paper (Anti Rust Paper for Packaging Multi Metals)Metal parts that contain combinations of the ferrous and non-ferrous metals listed above can be protected using our VCI packaging material. This VCI paper is popularly used across industries including military, machinery, auto parts, electrical engineering ...
    1. VCI Paper (Anti Rust Paper for Packaging Copper)The SF/T series VCI paper is suitable for packaging copper parts and copper alloy products in electronics and electrical engineering industries. Upon shipping or storage, metal components need to be cleaned and dried out before being enclosed in our VCI package.
    1. VCI Paper (Anti Rust Paper for Packaging Steel Plate)The VCI paper is suitable for packing a variety of carbon steel plates. We recommend the outer package for steel plates should be PM, PC or PD reinforced anti rust paper while the inner core can use PF coated VCI package.
    1. VCI Paper ( Contact Type Anti Rust Paper) The contact type VCI paper is safe for food contact. Made of PH neutral paper pulp, this food grade packaging material is saturated with non-toxic volatile corrosion inhibitors to offer corrosion protection for products to be packed.
    1. VCI Paper (Anti Corrosion Kraft Paper)The VCI paper provides an optimal corrosion management solution for metal products manufacturers. VCI packaging paper is made of premium quality PH neutral Kraft paper with volatile corrosion inhibitors spread over it.

VCI paper provides an easy, affordable way of rust prevention on metals in process, shipping or storage. VCI is short for volatile corrosion inhibitor, which can be spread over the PH neutral Kraft paper to make VCI packaging. The anti rust paper shown on this page is coated with volatile corrosion inhibitor.

VCI technology has a key role to play in packing corrosion-prone metal products. VCI paper and other types of VCI package work by the release of invisible corrosion inhibiting vapors into the surrounding air within the enclosure formed by the package. This evaporation process usually occurs at room temperature. Diffused vapor molecules condense onto exposed metal surfaces, thus forming a molecular corrosion shield on the metal that ensures sound performances in rust prevention and corrosion protection.

Features of VCI Paper
1. VCI packaging materials offer corrosion protection without having to be in physical contact with the parts being protected. VCI works best for packaging complex parts.
2. With VCI paper, it is no longer needed to apply messy oils or other corrosion protection compounds, which is quite eco-friendly.
3. Metal parts enclosed within a VCI paper pack are kept clean and ready for immediate use once the package is opened.
4. Corrosion protection packaging brings corrosion protection and packaging into one step.
5. Laminate VCI package is available to meet special packaging requirements.
6. Free of nitrite, phosphate or other harmful chemicals
7. RoHS compliant VCI paper contains no heavy metals.