Rust Preventive Oil

    1. Rust Preventive Oil (VCI Oil for Metal Protection)The rust preventive oil is completely miscible with lubricating oil. So when you are ready to try out the new machine or mechanical system after storage or transportation, apply some lubricating oil and get it going.
    1. Rust Preventive Oil (Water Based VCI Liquid for Ferrous Metals )Water-based VCI liquid provides an ideal corrosion prevention solution for steel and cast iron, though the anti rust liquid also works well on copper and copper alloy. Vapor-phase corrosion inhibitor has the ability to fog into hard-to-reach spaces in intricately machined or unpainted metal parts.

Rust preventive oil, also called rust prevention oil or anti rust oil, provides a great way for cleaning, lubrication and corrosion protection. The corrosion protection oil displaces moisture, prevents rust, and gives your metal a non-stick barrier.