VCI Foam and Cardboard (Corrosion Protective Cushioning Materials)

VCI cushion material is available in an assortment of VCI foam and cardboard products, including EPE foam, ferrous and nonferrous VCI foam. Often serving as corrosion protective cushioning materials, our VCI foam and VCI cardboard products offer corrosion protection to a wide range of equipment and parts, such as pipes, electrical, electronic, and electro-mechanical control panels.

Expanded Polyethylene Foam with Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor
VCI EPE foam is made of low-density polyethylene mixed with VCI formulation which has been through a process known as foaming. EPE foam is one of our proprietary VCI foams, serving as both a cushioning material against shock and a corrosion protection packaging.

The rust protection performance of the VCI foam meets GJB 2748A Specifications for Military Volatile Corrosion Inhibiting Film. Usually inserted inside the package, EPE foam offers rust protection to a number of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, such as steel, copper and aluminum. Corrosion at contact points has long been a source of worry for manufacturers of electronic equipment, precision parts, and metal pieces with sharp corners. With VCI expanded polyethylene foam, this does not need to be the case.

Multi-metal VCI Foam
Multi-metal VCI foam is made of plastic foam saturated with VCI formulations. Built to GJB2748 Specifications for Resilient Sealable Transparent VCI Material, multi-metal VCI foam protects the surface of ferrous metal, copper, and aluminum from effects of corroding agents. Its shelf life is 1 year starting from the date of manufacture.