VCI Film (Anti Corrosion Film with Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor)

    1. VCI Film(Anti Corrosion Film with Woven Fabric)This range of VCI film is a kind of anti corrosion film lined with woven fabric to enhance strength. It fits around cold-rolled galvanized plates, tin-plated sheets, and color-coated steel sheets, protecting them against moisture, air, and other contaminants while they are in process, storage and transit.
    1. VCI Film(Plastic Film with High Corrosion Resistance )The high-strength VCI plastic film is one of our patented VCI film products. The VCI packaging film starts from plastic resins mixed with specially formulated VCI. Via a process known as extrusion blow molding, the VCI film takes its final shape.

VCI film is a kind of anti corrosion film which works with the help of Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors. The VCI packaging film is available in a variety of styles, including the likes of VCI stretch film, VCI shrink film, VCI anti-static film, reinforced VCI plastic film, and reinforced aluminum-poly film. Features of these VCI film products are listed as follows.

VCI Stretch Film
VCI stretch film is high-tech VCI packaging material providing corrosion protection for rust-prone metal products. This kind of VCI film can stretch up to 3 times its original length. Stretch wrap sticks easily to the surface of metal products to be packed, all the while offering a corrosion inhibition layer to them. VCI stretch wrap can be wound tightly around the products to make a compact, fully-sealed package.

As soon as the package is completed, volatile corrosion inhibitor vaporizes and condenses on the metallic surface, filling its holes and cavities which are hardly seen by naked eyes, to form a single molecular protective layer, which provides the metals with corrosion prevention performance.

VCI Shrink Film
The VCI film provides optimal corrosion protection to both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, such as copper and its alloy, galvanized plates and other metal products. VCI shrink wrap works best for large and medium-sized metal equipment and components, such as car engines, machine tools, electrical equipments, hardware, etc.

VCI Anti-Static Film
This selection of VCI film is typically made of polyolefin, which is a kind of non-polar material. Plastic films made of polyolefin are easy to cause static electricity from friction due to the non-polar property of the polyalkene. Static electricity is potentially dangerous because it might lead to fire hazards, which is a great inconvenience for the film to function as packaging material. Made with special anti-static techniques, our VCI anti-static film is a blow-molded product saturated with volatile corrosion inhibitor. When used as a packaging material, VCI anti-static film wraps tightly around the metallic products being packed while creating a molecular corrosion-resistant layer on the metal surface. Anti-static VCI film is most suitable for packaging electronic products where static electricity is the worst offender of a long service life.

Reinforced VCI Film
The reinforced VCI film is one of our proprietary products. It is made of VCI plastic films laminated with woven fabrics, providing good corrosion protection, waterproof feature and physical strength. Strengthening the structure of VCI film is important to facilitate extended use of reinforced VCI film in packaging applications that require higher strength and reliability.

Reinforced Aluminum-Poly Film
Reinforced aluminum-poly film is a kind of polymer film coated with aluminum. This VCI film offers an optimal barrier against corrosion, electromagnetic shielding, and high-strength, air-tight cover for metal products being packed.

After packing, reinforced aluminum-poly film can effectively obstruct entry into enclosed packaging space of oxygen, water, corrosive gas, dirt and sunlight. Along with desiccants, reinforced aluminum-poly film can fully protect metal against corrosion, and alleviate the aging problem facing rubber and plastic products. This kind of packaging film is primarily designed for packing large machinery, such as machine tools, military, textile, printing, rubber processing and packing equipment, and compressor and engine.