VCI Film (Stretch Film with Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor )

Model Selection for the VCI Film

Anti Corrosion Packaging for Metals
VCI stretch film fits tightly around the metal pieces being packed and keeps moisture and corrosion away from your steel, copper, copper alloy, galvanized steel plate, color-coated steel plate, tin-plated sheet, and fingerprint-proof coated steel plate.

Features of the VCI Film
VCI stretch film is a complement to and extension of our existing VCI film product line. This uniquely designed VCI packaging material brings multiple desirable features of stretch film and VCI technology into one. Able to stretch up to 3 times its original length, the VCI Film is touch, transparent, and does not tear, rip or puncture easily while fitting tightly around the metal pieces being packed.

An automated packaging machine can be used to wrap the VCI film for packaging which would save labor costs. VCI stretch wrap is also used to partially replace tie-down straps for packing bales of goods. Packaging with VCI stretch films are easily identifiable and cost-saving. It can be easily wrapped around and removed from metal parts being protected. Ultra-thin construction reduces the weight of your package, which suits the film for packing steel coils, copper coils, etc. in metallurgical industry.

Applications of the VCI Film
VCI stretch film clings fast to metal pieces that need to be tightly wrapped and prevented from shaking loose, such as steel coils, ball bearings, etc. Fully enclosed film package keeps moisture and corrosive gas away from whatever is placed inside.

Method of Supply
VCI stretch film is typically sold on rolls in a cardboard box or on a pallet.

Please keep the VCI film dry, out of direct sunlight, and sealed in its original bag, carton or container. The shelf-life of VCI stretch wrap is 1 year starting from the date of manufacture.

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