VCI Film( Antistatic Plastic Film with Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor )

Model Selection for the VCI Film

Thickness: 50μm~150μm
Layflat Width:100mm~1600mm

Corrosion Prevention Methods for Ferrous Metals, Non-Ferrous Metals
As a kind of antistatic plastic film, the VCI film provides ideal corrosion prevention methods for ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals. VCI packaging film keeps steel, copper and its alloy, and galvanized steel plate secure during storage or transit.

Anti-Static VCI Film Products
VCI antistatic film is the result of VCI, blown film extrusion and antistatic technologies. Anti-static VCI packaging material keeps corrosive contaminants and static electricity away from machine parts being protected. Antistatic film is especially popular in electronic products industry where rust and static electricity are the usually the worst offender in terms of use life. While maintaining a surface resistance of between 108 and 1012Ω, VCI films can be converted into flat bags, zipper bags, gusset bags, tubing, sheeting and custom sizes and shapes.

Applications for Antistatic VCI Film
VCI anti-static film provides an ideal antistatic corrosion protection packaging solution for integrated circuit boards, printed circuit boards, communications equipment, and electronic instruments. When converted into bags, VCI film can be used to contain electronic products.

Method of Supply

Specifications of Flat Antistatic VCI Film
Model No. 80µm-Thick Version 100µm-Thick Version
1" 100 ×150 100 ×150
2" 150 ×250 150 ×250
3" 200 ×300 200 ×300
4" 250 ×400 250 ×400
5" 300 ×500 300 ×500

Please keep the VCI plastic film dry, out of direct sunlight, and sealed in its original bag, carton or container. The shelf-life of antistatic VCI film is 1 year starting from the date of manufacture.

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