VCI Film(Anti Corrosion Film with Poly Laminated Aluminum Foil)

Model Selection for the VCI Film

Width: 1000mm, 1500mm
Format: As a kind of anti corrosion film reinforced by poly laminated aluminum foil, the VCI film is typically sold on rolls of sheets.

Anti Corrosion Packaging for Metals and Nonmetals
Protect copper, steel, copper alloy, plated metals, and nonmetals with reinforced VCI packaging film.

Features of Reinforced VCI Film
Reinforced by poly laminated aluminum foil, the VCI packaging material provides an excellent barrier against oxygen, moisture, corrosive gas, dust, sunlight, and other contaminants in the environment. The VCI film offers effective corrosion protection for metals. Reinforced film structure is strong and durable for wrapping heavy-duty pallets, irregular shapes and bulky equipment. The enclosure it forms after being wrapped around metal pieces is an ideal electromagnetic shield. VCI packaging film also protects metallic products from aging problems and allows for continuous heat sealing.

Method of Use
The reinforced VCI film provides an affordable corrosion management solution that keeps moisture and corrosion away from various machine tools, large military equipment, textile equipment, printing and packaging equipment, rubber products manufacturing equipment, air compressor, and bulky engine. Upon shipping or storage, each electromechanical equipment set should have its exposed metal part cleaned, the surface specially treated by applying grease, and sharp edges cushioned. Please ensure sufficient desiccants are inside the VCI film packaging. The whole package needs to be sealed via hot air welding with the width of welding seam maintained between 15mm and 25mm.

Method of Supply
Sold on rolls of sheets, each roll weighing 50kg.

Please keep the VCI plastic film dry, out of direct sunlight, and sealed in its original bag, carton or container. The shelf-life of reinforced VCI film is 1 year starting from the date of manufacture.

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