VCI Film(Anti Corrosion Film with Woven Fabric)

Model Selection for the VCI Film
SF/HF-□□ VCI Polycarbonate Film Laminated with Reinforcements for Wrapping Steel Coils
SF/DF—□□ VCI Polycarbonate Film Laminated with Reinforcements for Multi-Metal Protection

Width: 1800mm, 2000mm, 2400mm
Weight: 200Kg/roll

Anti Corrosion Film for Metal Plates Packaging
This range of VCI film is a kind of anti corrosion film lined with woven fabric to enhance strength. It fits around cold-rolled galvanized plates, tin-plated sheets, and color-coated steel sheets, protecting them against moisture, air, and other contaminants while they are in process, storage and transit.

How is the VCI Film Created?
Reinforced VCI film is one of our proprietary products. It use VCI plastic film as base material laminated with a reinforcement layer (usually in the form of woven fabric) to increase the overall physical strength. Fabric lined VCI film is mainly used in packing large and heavy metal pieces, bulky equipment and components while offering ideal corrosion prevention packaging to them.

Applications of VCI Film
Fabric-lined VCI packaging film comes with a layer of woven fabric for structural reinforcement. The reinforced VCI film is excellent for use as the outer cover of various types of metal plates. Behind the cover, a layer of PF coated VCI film can be added. Where the outer cover and inner layer meet should be sealed with adhesive tapes. Finally, use steel or plastic plates as the outmost guard for the whole pack.

Fabric reinforced VCI film is typically sold on rolls, each roll weighing 200kg.

Please keep the VCI packaging material dry, out of direct sunlight, and sealed in its original bag, carton or container. The shelf-life of multi-metal VCI film is 1 year starting from the date of manufacture.

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