VCI Paper ( Contact Type Anti Rust Paper)

Model Selection for the VCI Paper
SF/H111-□□ (PO, PA)

Width: 787mm, 1050mm
Weight: 30kg/roll

Safe Packaging Material for Foods and Food Processing Machinery
The contact type VCI paper is safe for food contact. Made of PH neutral paper pulp, this food grade packaging material is saturated with non-toxic volatile corrosion inhibitors to offer corrosion protection for products to be packed. Food-safe VCI packaging material is intended to be in contact with food, and thus is suitable for packing food, food machinery, or medical machinery.

Popular Anti Rust Packaging for Metals
The anti rust paper is the best packaging material to offer rust prevention for aluminum, aluminum alloy, and alloy steel.

Features of the VCI Paper
1. Food-safe VCI package meets basic regulations on food contact materials posed by the FDA.
2. The VCI paper is safe, eco-friendly, and does not contain carcinogenic substances.
3. RoHS, PFoS, and PFoA compliant
4. The safety level of food-contact VCI package reaches JIS Z 1535 and MIL-PRF-3420H standards.
5. Highly clean, PH neutral paper soaked with food-safe VCI suits itself for packing food machinery and medical equipment.
6. Combines corrosion protection and packaging into one application step.
7. Keeps food or food related machinery clean and ready for immediate use once the food-safe VCI package is opened.
8. Aesthetically appealing contact type VCI paper, available with custom printing.

Uses of Contact Type VCI Packaging Paper
Applications: food machinery, medical equipment
Method of Use: Use VCI paper as the corrosion protection packaging for metal parts. Or use it as internal lining or padding for a cardboard box, bag, or container into which the entire assembly of metal components is placed.

Please note that PE coated VCI paper is waterproof and thus can be used directly as the outer cover for products to be packed.

Specifications, Storage
Contact type VCI paper roll width: 787mm, 1050mm
Please keep the food contact packaging material dry, out of direct sunlight, and sealed in its original bag, carton or container. The shelf-life of VCI packaging paper is 3 years starting from the date of manufacture.

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