VCI Paper (Anti Rust Paper for Packaging Copper)

Model Selection for the VCI Paper 
SF/T501, T502—□□ (Letter combinations that can be filled in the blank squares include PO, WO, PA, and WA.)

Width: 787mm, 1020mm
Weight: 30Kg/roll

Copper Corrosion Prevention Solution
The VCI paper is the optimum anti rust paper that prevents corrosion of copper, copper alloys, and copper-plated steel.

How is the VCI Packaging Material Created?
PH neutral crepe paper or plain paper soaked with volatile corrosion inhibitor which gives corrosion protection characteristics. VCI paper also can be overlaid with a layer of polyethylene film to gain waterproof feature. Custom printing is available.

Applications of VCI Package
The SF/T series VCI paper is suitable for packaging copper parts and copper alloy products in electronics and electrical engineering industries. Upon shipping or storage, metal components need to be cleaned and dried out before being enclosed in our VCI package. Or as an alternative, use VCI packaging paper as internal lining and padding of a carton box, bag or container into which the whole assembly of metal parts is placed. If the outer package does not have any waterproof or sealing features whatsoever, we suggest the PE coated VCI paper should be used and sealed with adhesive tapes.

We recommend keeping VCI packaging products dry, out of direct sunlight and sealed in their original shipping cartons, bags or containers while in storage. The shelf-life of VCI paper is 3 years starting from the date of manufacture.

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